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New Mexico Certified Chile™ 

New Mexicas can agree that we have the best chile in the world. The New Mexico Certified Chile™ program was created so that  growers, producers and restaurants could clearly communicate the highest in chile quality. 

Look for it. Ask for it. Love it.™

New Mexico Chile

Needs our help

One of the reasons the growers and producers of the New Mexico Chile Association created the New Mexico Certified Chile™ program is that chile harvest in New Mexico has decreased significantly over the past 30 years. Although it seems hard to believe, the statistics show our beloved industry is shrinking. As of 2016, the acres harvested is only 30% of what it was in 1990.

While there are numerous factors contributing to this decrease of our chile harvest, we have been able to identify a significant one.  As New Mexico Chile popularity has increased nationally and internationally over the last few years,  many outside our state are branding their product as “New Mexico Chile” or “Hatch Chile” when their chile isn’t even grown in New Mexico. While we are flattered that New Mexico Chile is becoming well known, we think you’ll agree that those who made it well known, should benefit from it’s success.

the pride of

new mexico

Support what we all love

There is a giddiness in the air of New Mexico as harvest time begins each fall. It is an identity we as New Mexicans share whether you were born here or you’ve come from elsewhere. Chile is New Mexico’s largest agricultural crop and is the defining ingredient of New Mexican cuisine. With it’s distinct preparation and flavor, New Mexico Chile has the power to gather friends and family around the table as well as call those from afar back with its savory allure. When we buy and share New Mexico Certified Chile™, we’re continuing the great tradition and helping our state thrive.

the real thing

new Mexico Certified Chile

We all know that New Mexico Chile is special, but how do you know you’re getting the real thing? It is for that reason that the New Mexico Chile Association started the New Mexico Certified Chile™ program.  When you see it at restaurants, chile stands, or the grocery store you can know you’re getting New Mexico chile and supporting our neighbors who grow it. Our mission is to cultivate the world renown varieties grown only here in New Mexican soil and to protect, promote and advocate for the entire industry dedicated to growing this very special crop.

What you can do

Look for It.

You’ll find the New Mexico Certified Chile™ seal at the grocery store, at the chile stand or a restaurant menu. Then you’ll know you’re getting the real thing.

ask for it.

If you don’t see that seal when you at your usual places to get chile, ask for it.  We’re sure that New Mexico businesses want to support New Mexico Chile as well, and they might just thank you for bringing it up.

Love it.

Eat it on everything you can think of. Eggs, enchiladas, pizza, stew, chicken sandwiches, hamburgers. Spread the word that the thing that makes it wonderful is New Mexico Certified Chile™.


Finally, consider joining the cause by clicking the “Get Started” button below if you are a restaurant, grower, producer or just a chile fan. For fans of New Mexico Certified Chile, we’re working on ways to show your New Mexico Certified Chile™ pride, and we’ll be sending those out to your when you join the cause.

Thanks, from your fellow New Mexico Certified Chile™ Lovers.


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